Episode One

Episode one is in the can and currently being published to the website. It was three days later than what I had planned to have it posted. I was waiting on a new microphone to come in the mail. It did arrive on my doorstep today. I spent the day working on the podcast. The episode is not all that long. But what was more important to me was to get the episode out there and to continue putting each episode out there.

Part of being Bipolar/Borderline is that I am great at starting things but I don’t have much interest in it after a while. It becomes a chore. I hope that connecting through this media will be a positive.

I have to say that the new mic does make a world of difference. It is unfortunate that the Yeti microphone that I had gotten earlier in the month did not work with my system. This new mic is a Samson Meteor. It doesn’t have all the features that the Yeti does but it gets the job done recording a relatively clear podcast.


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