Happy Easter

I just posted my latest episode of The Bipolar DM podcast on this site. I got a note that some may not be connecting to the podcasts. I tested them and they work for me so I don’t know if they are having a firewall issue or if its a site issue. The podcast also can be found through iTunes if you are an Apple user. I’ll look into what hoops I have to jump through at Google Play to publish with them. I dropped the test episode from the lineup. It had served its purpose.

I am happily working away at the next podcast. I don’t remember the last time I was ahead at work, or really anything at all. It has been no small amount of hard work putting together a website, blog, and podcast.But it has filled my hours and given me some variety from Dungeons and Dragons and writing. It has given me goals to strive for, namely consistently post a half hour podcast twice a month. So far I am keeping to that, but I have only just begun. So, I have some inkling of whats in store for me. Most all of the obstacles that I face are me.

I get in the way of my own success. In cases like this, its boredom and a total unwillingness to work even when there is a deadline at stake. I call it writer’s block when it involves writing, and laziness to my housework, or lack there of. But it feels like I’m in a straight jacket, locked in a padded room. I can’t get out.

It sucks to be a prisoner of your own mind. Feeling physically capable of working, but mentally restrained from even picking up a rag. I need help. My children are capable and easily motivated by greed. A friend of mine gave me a great idea of puting out bounties on chores that need to be done. When the job is done, the bounty is collected. So, I am going to do that. If they work together they split the bounty. I know my son wants hotwheels all the time and my daughter is always looking for a new Manga to read. My oldest boy I think would be interested in putting his money towards books or D&D or Magic the Gathering cards.

I know my kids. And in all honestly, I was too when I was their age. But as a child I was more motivated by fear than anything else. Fear what what would happen if I didn’t do what I was told. It was rough but I survived. I’m not that way with my kids. I’m probably a bit too lax with them. But they are good kids and I love them.


I am grateful to everyone who has read or listened.

Happy Resurrection Sunday (or Easter).

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