The Last Jedi

This week the Last Jedi came out on video. This is episode VIII in the Star Wars franchise. If you have not seen it, there will be spoilers in this post.

Having said that, I love Star Wars. When I was a kid living in Japan I would watch A New Hope over and over again as well as Empire and Jedi. To this day I can recite any line from all three movies. These new Star Wars are not my Star Wars. If I was looking for George Lucas in ’76 I would be sorely disappointed.

While I am not 100% sold on the story line of the new Star Wars movies, I am a fan of them. I love Star Wars and just about all things Star Wars. I remember when Star Tours came out in Disneyland, LA. It was the first time that I got to be immersed in the Star Wars universe. To see something that I have not seen before. To see new stories and possibilities.

I am disappointed with the ending of the Last Jedi. I always believed, in every Star Wars book and movie out there, that Luke Skywalker is the most shat upon man in the galaxy. His father is the most hated man in the Galaxy and you can’t tell anyone about it. Every woman he falls in love with in the Star Wars novels ends up leaving him. I almost think the end of Last Jedi was a mercy killing after all that was done to Luke Skywalker.

But to die from over using the Force? The man just keeled over while sitting on a rock. Not in an epic lightsaber duel with his former apprentice. Or blown away by First Order AT-AT’s. I can see where the writer and director was coming from. He’s killing off the old guard. Carrie Fischer will not be in the last Star Wars movie. All that is left of the rebellion is the new characters in Star Wars and poor C3-PO. The last Star Wars movie truly will be theirs. I wonder how they plan to kill off C3-PO. Perhaps in a garbage disposal.

Will Kilo Ren turn to the Light or will he forever be doomed to the power of the Dark side of the Force? One thing that was planted in this movie was the possibility of Kilo Ren turning from Supreme Leader Snoke and towards Ray and the Light side of the Force. Kilo using the opportunity to kill his master and take on the mantle of Supreme Leader was a turn that I didn’t expect either.

There were some great characters in this movie. Rose in particular struck me as a nod to the Star Wars fans. A everyday person working on the pipes that is behind the heart of the rebellion. She wasn’t anybody special. No Force powers, super pilot skills, or connected to the underworld. She was an orphan who is doing her part in the rebellion. It isn’t glamorous, or high profile, but it is what needs to be done to run a military.

Then there is Benicio Del Toro’s character, the code breaker. A scoundrel who truly is a scoundrel. He sells Fin and Rose out to the First Order the moment his back is to the wall. Benicio is true to his character is his betrayal. He does not have a come to Jesus moment like Han Solo does and swoops in for the rescue in the end. I wonder if we’ll see this character in the last(?) Star Wars movie.

So far Disney has shown that it doesn’t want to mess up a good thing. With the financial backing of the mouse and the imagination of the Star Wars universe, I think that there are years of movies coming out. In fact we are due to see the new Star Wars stand alone, Han Solo. The much rumored and little publicized movie following the early years of a younger Han Solo and Chewbacca.

Like any good consumer, I will buy the movie tickets and the popcorn with large soda. Because that is my place in this world. And you know what, I’m happy with it. I think I earned to take it easy for a bit. Ok. Break’s over. Grab your shovel and get back to work.

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