Keep on carrying on

Episode 6 is in the can and scheduled to post on-time on the first of June. I finally feel like I’m staying ahead on these podcasts and feel great about it.

In episode 6 I talk about relationships and mental illness, dealing with problem players at the table, and I talk about my novel, Poog the Destroyer.

Summer has arrived and the pool is open at my place. My kids only have half a day left of school before being let out for the summer. I am excited to be able to take my kids camping and fishing, as well as to the pool for swimming, and playing D&D at the comic book store during the day.

I am wrapping up the last two birthdays for the month of May. Three of my kids were born in May, so this tends to be a rather expensive month like December is with Christmas. But my youngest is turning 8 next week, and two days after that my oldest is turning 16.

While buying a present for my 8 year old son was pretty easy. I shopped for Hotwheels toys on eBay. But my oldest daughter was a bit more of a challenge. Because she doesn’t talk with me I have no idea really what she is interested in or what she likes anymore. Her grandparents did buy her a car already so I decided the easiest thing to get her was a battery jump pack for her car.

I know it isn’t very glamorous, but at least its practical and from personal experience, very handy to have in your car. I know that she isn’t going to be very enthusiastic about getting it or getting anything from me really, but I still love her and I am still her father.


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