Those Verses

I just posted a pic with verses from the Bible that tell us why we should not fear.

Fear is the root of most of our illnesses. A fear of some kind, whether its abandonment or failure, drives our illness. I am speaking from my theological background as much as my life experience in this matter. We are spiritual beings as much as physical creatures. In treating our illness we often overlook the need to take care of the spirit. I am not talking about belief in God as much as belief in something greater than ourselves is in control of this spinning hunk of rock hurtling through the universe.

Without that belief in that higher power, which I am just going to call God, we become lost in our lives. A belief in God gives a sense of belonging in the universe, that you are not just an afterthought in God’s plan for the world. A spiritual life completes the three parts that make up a human being: the body, the soul, and the spirit.

Why spirit and soul and not just a spirit? I believe that should be a conversation for another day, but rest assured that I have biblical support for my belief in a tricotomy human being.

Master Yoda said in Star Wars, “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” We don’t marry our spouses in order to hate them, although some spouses make it easier to do that than others. But often times a fear of abandonment and insecurities leads to anger and acting out in ways you soon regret.

Why do we hurt the ones that we love most? How can we stop is the real question. We often know the reasons behind why we do what we do. If you don’t know the reasons why you need to take a good hard look in the mirror next time you are in front of one. As far as how do we stop hurting the ones that we love? We can’t.

That is the reality. We can’t stop hurting the ones we love. What we can do is minimize the damage that we cause in their lives. I try and avoid triggers in my life which will effect my mood. But not every trigger can be avoided. Not every scenario can be for seen. So a plan must be in place for when the inevitable f—up happens. This plan must include genuine sorrow, understanding and forgiveness.

Without any of those three you cannot have true healing. Without understanding why are you forgiving that person. Without genuine sorrow you are little more than taking for granted their forgiveness. And without forgiveness we cannot move on in our lives.

So, do we stop trying to avoid those triggers? Certainly not. We must continue to strive towards maintaining a healthy relationship with our significant other.

If we are not moving forward then we are sliding backwards. We must always keep pressing forward in our lives and in the management of our illness. When we become lax in our treatments we begin to fail to do them, such as taking your medication as prescribed or diet and exercise.

Be sure to tune into my podcast on the first of August when my hosting is back on. In the mean time stay on your meds, stay postive, and don’t let the bastards get you down.

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