I’m Published!

I just finished publishing in paperback and eBook The Twelve-Step Prayers Rosary. The cost for either paperback or eBook is $3.00 plus shipping. This covers the cost of printing additional copies to be donated to addicts in recovery.

My books are available through my author’s page on Lulu.com. You can go straight to that page through my resource page on this site.

I did a heck of a lot of editing and I believe I got all the mistakes out of the final manuscript. The book is simple and straight forward without any fluff. It will take your from the crucifix through each bead on the rosary. I am making free rosaries available to those who need them. They aren’t fancy, they glow in the dark, but they get the job done and that is what is important.

Contact me directly if you are in need of a rosary. Free Word and PDF version of this rosary will remain available to everyone. However, if you feel led to support my work with addicts please consider buying this book at just above the cost of printing.

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