Praying the Rosary

I recently posted a Twelve-Step Prayers Rosary. It takes the traditional twelve-step prayers, plus some Franciscan rosary prayers and mashed them together. You can access a free Word document with the entire prayer instructions from bead to bead.

It takes between fifteen to twenty minutes to pray. And it is recommended to be prayed in the morning when you first rise and at night before you lay your head on the pillow. It does not matter where you are in your recovery to pray this rosary. These prayers help prepare you mentally and spiritually for the steps to come.

Spirituality is at the heart of the success of the twelve-step program. Belief in God, or your higher power, and that He can remove our addictions, hang-ups, and character defects. The start in any spiritual journey starts with the acceptance that you cannot control your addiction and that your life has become unmanageable. It is the belief that a power greater than ourselves can save us from this insanity.

Even if you are not an addict you can benefit from this rosary. The prayers focus our eyes on our relationships with ourselves, God, and the people in our lives. You don’t have to be an addict to royally mess up your life. We all hold hurts and resentments that bring us down.

Asking God to help you to forgive and let go of your resentments will begin to clear the air between you and God. So many of our prayers only bounce off the ceiling because we are out of communication with Holy God.

I only ask that you give this rosary a fair shot for seven days, morning and night, before deciding whether or not this prayer is for you.

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