Mania run amuck…

Over the last few days my mania has running on a rampage. I haven’t slept properly in days, I cannot quiet my mind, I have too much energy.

On the positive side, I have been very prolific in my recent writing. I completed one booklet on a Rosary prayer and now have a good chunk done of a commentary that I am doing on the same prayers.

Although I have not been sleeping I feel pretty good. I am happy. I am getting work done that hasn’t been touched in months. I am blogging more. And hopefully soon I will have another booklet ready to published in the next week if my keeps up like it is.

I’m getting ready to take my kids camping for the next few days and I plan on packing up my little workstation with me. Modern technology is amazing. I am able to pack up everything that I need to post my blogs while I am on the trail. That is if I can find my fold up keyboard.

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