Back on the Air

Season Two has been posted on the site and is ready for listening. I think that I am a little rusty from being off the air for so many months. I am glad to be back podcasting and am looking forward to more in 2019 such as guest interviews and co-hosting episodes.

As with anything, I need to upgrade some of my equipment in the coming year to keep up with modern technology. I am running off an old laptop with a damaged mic. It is getting the job done, but for how much longer? And what should I update my equipment to? I don’t have the current funds to buy top shelf. But I don’t want the bottom of the barrel bargain deals that are on the internet and are shipped from China.

I will endeavor to improve my broadcasting skills. I’m still noticing my breathing gets picked up on the mic sometimes. I don’t know if that is a mic issue that can correct this, such as sensitivity, or if I just need to learn to control my breathing better. Likely its a combination of both.

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