Moving Forward

I just published a new podcast episode. Its short and choppy, but it also reflects my mental state. I am rather manic at the moment and I’m sure the trained ear can catch that in this episode.

It was an act of sheer will to get this one out. I am being held back by myself. What I did to get this one was write and then record in spurts, sometimes a page at a time. The important thing is that I did get it out. And I am excited about the next one after that, which I plan to start working on immediately.

I discussed in my podcast that there was the need to change the focus, or at least clarify the focus, of the podcast and this blog’s message. It is still going to be Bipolar DO, D&D, indie writing and how they interact in my life.

The focus of My Bipolar Life episodes is going to remain on education and removing the stigma of mental illness by laying open my own life and struggles with Bipolar, Borderline, PTSD, SAD, and a few other diagnosis. I think that the best service I can do with this podcast is to wage war on mental illness. It is time that we come in out of the dark and into the light of day. Mental illness can be scary. It’s scary to live with.

My mental illness has robbed me of so much that I hold dear. I lost my wife. I lost my oldest child. I lost my career (again). What more does it want from me? My life? Well, I am not planning on giving that up just yet. I lost so much and gained so little. But I will keep marching forward into battle.

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