Psychiatric Service Dog’s Tasks

Psychiatric Service Dogs assist handlers who have a mental illness or psychiatric disability. Psychiatric Service Dogs are often cross trained for other specialties, too.

  • Provide Medication Reminders
  • Lay Across Handler to Provide Deep Pressure Therapy During Panic Attacks
  • Provide Tactile Grounding Via Nuzzling or Licking
  • Apply Gentle Teeth Pressure to Forearm to Interrupt Dissociative Episode
  • Alert Handler to Episodes of Rage or Strong Emotion
  • Interrupt Repetitive Self Harm
  • Retrieve Self Care Kit
  • Wake Up Handler Having Nightmares
  • Interrupt Flashbacks
  • Search House
  • Provide “Reality Check” so Handler Can Verify Hallucinations Aren’t Present
  • Stabilize Handler’s Routine

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