Service Dog Update

This has been an amazing weekend for me. A good friend of mine has done me a solid and hooked me up with a service dog through the woman who provided him with his own.

The dog’s name is Harper and she is a rescued Pitbull. She has been fully trained and is going to be gifted to me for free. The only hiccup is that I need that letter from my doc saying I would benefit from having a service dog.

Dealing with the VA and this matter has not gone well so far. I have a phone meeting with my psychologist and we have worked together before. I am hoping that he will be more receptive to me having a service dog more than my psychiatrist.

I have discussed before in my podcast how a service dog would benefit me, particularly in routine stabilization. But also in helping me get out of the house and into the public more. I have had a few problems being out of my apartment for more than an hour or so before I have to return home. The time is even less when I go to a crowded place like Walmart. A trip to Walmart usually ends my day pretty quick.

Although this seems like a done deal (minus the doctor’s recommendation) but I am not yet holding my breath on it until I get the note in hand from my doc.

Still this has been a great blessing to me and shows me who my friends are and how they got my back. I have been pretty public about this matter and the emotional support I have received has be tremendous even if my fundraising efforts have fallen flat.

I cannot thank everyone enough for what they have done for me so far. And I am stoked to meet Harper this Friday. She’s in a small town outside Joplin, MO about an hour and a half to two hours away from where I live. My buddy who hooked me up with the trainer is taking me to meet the dog.

Despite my issues with the VA, my mood has been pretty high because of all that has happened in the past few days. If nothing else, I have enjoyed some relief from my symptoms because of this. But the pessimist in me wont let go how easily all this can fall apart. I am nervous about tomorrow’s meeting with my doc just because it can easily set me back a few paces if he does not approve a service dog for me.

I can’t help but prepare myself for this possibility. I don’t know what other avenues I could pursue if the VA falls through for me. I would be forced to pay out of pocket for a civilian doc to write the note. And I have no idea how much that would cost me.

I’m sure I can find some quack online to write me the note. I just have no idea how legit that it would be if I go that route. However this plays out I am not giving up nor backing down on this matter. I know that I need a service dog and getting Harper has been the greatest step forward that I have had in months.

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