Mental Health Happy Hour

I co-host a new show across the pond. The Mental Health Happy Hour is a new weekly show on Mental Health Warrior TV (found on YouTube). I, along with co-hosts JR Reed, Kerry and Adam Duval, discuss mental health issues in a positive light from London, England thanks to the magic of the internet.

This is my third show, after The Bipolar DM Show and Bipolar Dragons, and am very excited about it. We air live Tuesdays at 2 pm CST (8 pm London) each week.

Things have been going very well for me with my little radio hobby. I’ve talked to some great guests, get to play D&D weekly with some friends from the network, and it keeps my busy, which being retired is number one.

I do worry about overdoing it. I don’t want to take on so many projects that nothing gets done and I shut down. I am still trying to get a vet’s D&D game together for Dungeons & Dog Tags. I have felt a bit pulled in opposite directions lately, but I am not too worried about it.

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